Friday Movie Review- A Dog’s Purpose


This movie was very good and I was quite surprised.  Here are the 6 lessons I learned from the movie:

1.Have fun everyday.  The dog longed to have fun by playing with the owner.  Take time to have some fun everyday even if it is just minutes per day.

2.Sometimes the fun leave your life.  It’s during these times that we gain great clarity.  When the fun leaves us it forces us to get bitter or better.  Which will you choose?

3. Be here NOW.  I think most of you know that I truly believe you can not wast 1 minute of your life.  This statement  rings true on so many levels!!  Resolve you will be here NOW–Get in the present and stay in the present.

4. The worst thing is being ALONE.  Sometime syou are alone because you desire to be alone.  Other times you are ALONE because of separation due to death, divorce or a decision to split.  Find out how much aloneness you desire and fill your life with the people you love.

5. Our purpose might change.  It so interesting to see as I get older things that I thought made a huge difference to me, now are not that important.  I really see the reason why our purpose might change, it’s because we change.  We never stay the same and our thought and intelligence changes as well.  So accept the changes that you presented daily.

6. You can find true love.  Some people find love early in life and live happily ever after and other people might find it later in life.  Either way just find your TRUE LOVE!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts



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