Feelers VS Thinkers

Thinker vs Feeler

As most of you know I am a social worker, so I bet you can guess that I am a feeler. It is critically important to know how people think when you interact with them or you will spend a lot of time getting your feelings hurt.

Generally a persons brain is wired to be one way or the other way.  It might be something that you have never noticed or you might dismiss it to say: That person speaks their mind, or they will tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it.

I found that most people that I interact with are feelers so we have little or no problem communicating.  During those times in my life that I have dealt with thinkers, I can usually just decide to be quiet and allow them to express their opinions.  Honestly in the last few years, I have been exhibiting some thinkers actions and attitudes.  I have found that I can be a good mix for both mind processing styles.

If you find yourself unable to communication with the opposite style of person, just take some time to realize that they are just wired that way and usually they don’t mean to be hurtful.

Take time to identify if you are a: FEELER OR THINKER.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones affectionally known as The Queen of Hearts, is a Social Worker turned International Motivator. Sheryl is on a MISSION to provide LOVE to everyone she meets. Sheryl began the LOVE OF HEART MOVEMENT Radio Show to help identify entrepreneurs, service providers and community volunteers who ALWAYS serves from the Love of their Heart when dealing with others. She truly believes what the World needs NOW is LOVE!!!  Sheryl’s primary focus is on teaching STRESSED OUT women who can’t figure out how to earn money doing what they LOVE, formulate a plan to spotlight their genius. Sheryl takes women from “CONCEPT TO CASH”. Go tohttp://www.sheryljonesqueenofhearts.com to connect with Sheryl

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