Monday Book Review-Can I Get Little Help?


This book was a great read this weekend.  I have had the pleasure of being married for 28 years and I found the book is good for any stage of marriage. The principles shared can help you look at yourself and determine what type of person you are.  The key to any relationship is your personal relationship with God.  Pastor Hamilton adds examples, scriptures and everything needed to educate you about a RICH RELATIONSHIP.  When you realize that you are not in this relationship alone, you can make the decision to be a better spouse.  If you find that you are single, you can make the decision to allow accept what God intended for you to have.  Do you want to learn more about relationships??  Do you find out why you are unfulfilled in your marriage??  Are you still single and you are wondering when is my KNIGHT coming to save me?? If you want help for what ever state you are in get this book: CAN I GET A LITTLE HELP? I’M MARRIED/I’M SINGLE.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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