Movie Review-RACE


I had an amazing time watching this movie on yesterday.  RACE is a story of pure determination, hope and courage.  This movie allowed me to see a different side to everyday life as an African American in the 30’s.  Although the movie was not void of all racism, it also showed how some people of different races believed in HUMANS going after a goal and banding together.  I truly believe the blog post from yesterday where I discussed Proverbs 18:16 Your gifts will make room for you and put you in front of great men.  In this story Jesse Owens knew that his GIFTS would take him places. How many times do you hide your gift???  How many times do you stay quiet??  Jesse knew going to Berlin might not be a welcoming environment for him but he qualified and went anyway.  Will you qualify for the RACE.  I encourage you to go see RACE today.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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