Keep IT in the FAMILY

Today my post is about 12 hours later than normal due to a family situation.  I wanted to post because I am committed to writing every day Monday-Friday.   My situation made me recall some situations that Ms. Robbie with Sweetie Pie’s always say: KEEP IT in the FAMILY.  I wanted to share that message because when you have a business, it should be your goal to create something that you and your family can benefit from.  If you have a family member you can groom to work with you, it is critical that you do that.  It helps you build a legacy, when you look at the SWEETIE PIE’S EMPIRE, it is full of Ms. Robbie’s Family.  I take pride in knowing that I am building something that I can do just like Ms. Robbie suggests: KEEP IT in the FAMILY!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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