I want you to think about results for 2016.  I want you to look for results every year, month, week and day.  I know that daily results might seem like a bit much but I promise you that if you start now and work on getting results every day that will build to an AMAZING week, month and year.  I have learned in 2015, if you don’t focus on the results you will find yourself disappointed.  I know activities are good, however activities need to always be monitored to see if they are working.  In order to get the RESULTS sometimes we must change the technique, we need to alter the delivery or we might need to increase the frequency of what we are doing.  It starts with ME–and YOU, we must decide TODAY that I will only focus on the results.  I want you to know if you do X you will get Y.  I want you to decide to be RESULTS-ORIENTED!!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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