Monday Book Review-Show Your Work!



The Monday Book Review of Show Your Work gives you examples of how you can be a creative person. 

These are my 6 lessons that I am taking from the book:

  1. You don’t have to be a genius.  This point was so valid because some of the things that we do don’t seem that special at all.  But our actions can have an AMAZING effect on other people.
  2. Tell Good Stories.  Everything can be shared with a good story.  Stories give us a great look at things differently.  Have you ever heard a story that allows you to go to another place???  That’s how you can share your business with others.
  3. Share something small everyday.  This tip can offer you a life change.  If you consciously decide to do something small can I suggest it be small and kind??? If you really want to see a change in yourself and others start to do something small everyday. 
  4. Teach what you want to know.  Many times we spend so much time looking for        someone to teach us, turn the tables and teach what you already know.  Many people can benefit from your knowledge.
  5. Don’t turn into human spam.  Many times we spend a lot of time watching others that we think that are better than us.  Don’t over spend time wishing to be someone else and watching their every move.
  6. Stick Around.  Make sure your mind on what you want and stick to it. Even when things are doing going bad, stay in the game.  When you think you can’t go on, stick around. 

If you want to learn some tips to change your creative mind, pick up: SHOW YOUR WORK!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones was put here to HELP the HURTING!  If you are one of millions that have experience some type of LOSS, Sheryl is the person to help you.  Sheryl Jones affectionally called the Queen of Hearts is a Dallas Social Worker on the journey to International Motivator.  Sheryl’s passion for others  inspires them to have HOPE.  She teaches women and a few good men how to LIVE the LIFE they LOVE!!  Sheryl has suffered the loss of her special needs son and she used that pain to help others.  Sheryl started a company to help individuals with special needs acquire services and help their parents relax.  Sheryl learned from her sorry a set of unique skills to Re-GAIN HOPE and Find JOY Again. Now her primary focus is speaking on various platforms, hosting a radio show and providing books and products to those who follow her.  Sheryl would LOVE to help YOU.  Contact her at


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