Book Review-Motivated for Greatness

arletta.l.moore_1466715733_86I purchased this book on Saturday and finished it on Sunday.  It was very engaging and thought provoking.

These are the 6 reasons to read this book:

  1. Arletta learned from her abusive mom that sometimes things DON’T get better. Her story of her childhood was sad and left me in tears.  I could not believe a biological mom could treat her child so poorly.
  2. Children remember the pain from their youth.  I can’t remember much from my childhood but Arletta was able to recount vivid details of the abuse she suffered.  Not only did she remember but she saw how it changed the course of her life.
  3. Arletta realized that her behavior was directly related to the abusive that she suffered.  Many times people act out to replace the hurt that they are experiencing.
  4. Arletta found out that God has a purpose for her life.  A change occurred when Arletta made this great discovery that God had not forgot her and he is directing her life.  Her plan began to get clearer everyday.
  5. Change happens when we truly desire change.  We must get rid of some stuff to go further in life. So many things hold us back, our attitude, our doubts and our lack of belief are the major reasons that we don’t walk in our greatness.
  6. Work on changing you.  If I had to sum up the book I would say you can change your life if you go to work.  Work on you everyday. Find a book, a CD or podcast you can get training on the move, while you going about your daily schedule.

If you want to make a major change, go and purchase: MOTIVATED FOR GREATNESS.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones is affectionally known as the Queen of Hearts, a Dallas social worker turned International Motivator. Sheryl is CEO of Rodcor Services LLC , an Author of 2 books, an Inspirational Speaker and she is on a mission to help people find their HOPE.  Learn more about Sheryl by going to

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