Expect the Unexpected



Expect the Unexpected everyday. This past week has been very interesting for me.  A system that I have relied on for years, failed me last week.  What this situation has done for me, has caused me to SHIFT.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I must make a change.

Everybody has a comfort zone and I have definitely been in my comfort zone for years and I had parked there. After grieving the past success with this system, I realized that everything changes.  I have not allowed myself to accept that this change was happening whether I wanted it to or not.

If you want to releave your stress, don’t allow anyone to cause you anxiety.  If you begin with the end in mind you can process any problems that come your way.  Learn how to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones is affectionally known as the Queen of Hearts, a Dallas social worker turned International Motivator. Sheryl is CEO of Rodcor Services LLC , an Author of 2 books, an Inspirational Speaker and she is on a mission to help women go from Concept from CASH.  Contact Sheryl at http://www.sheryljonesqueenofhearts.com


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