Monday Book Review-It’s 6 a.m. & I’m Already Behind

6 am

This Monday Book  was so appropriate for me because I have found myself so busy in the last few months.  This book is an awesome guide map to turn your life around and start getting your life in order.

My book review is always my TOP 6 Reasons to Read this book:

  1. People are busier now than any time ever and I don’t see things getting any better.  The book gives your 30 proven strategies to help you get in order.
  2. We are all given the same amount of time. Are you busy or productive??  The book shares with us various case studies how others had been using their time and becoming more productive.
  3. If you find just 1-2 habits that could change your life, would you implement them? The book includes 30 strategies that can help you, but what if you committed to just 1-2 of them.  I know that you can make major changes with 1-2 NEW habits.
  4. Time can run away from you if you are not watching it.  The book gives several detailed examples of how if you continue to do the same duties you can reduce your time if write down your plans in advance.
  5. Productivity helps with your finances.  In the book, the author has several business revenue examples that we can use to look at our business or personal finances.  I love to learn something that can help you save money.  One example that I found extremely helpful was:Giving your blog an outline which saves and money because you can focus that time during income producing activities.
  6. You have control over that feeling of being “overwhelmed”.  The book gives so many tips and strategies to take control of your day but the one that I have found to most effective to me is: Know your DAILY Capacity.  It hit me, sometimes I have unrealistic expectations on what will happen during one 24 hour day.  I had to realize that SUPERWOMAN is FAKE and I can’t do everything in the same day.  I can do many things but I need to spread tasks out and become more intentional about planning my CAPACITY.  I found when I over do it: I don’t feel good, I don’t make good decisions, and ultimately the task that I was trying to do perfectly is not a fraction of how it could be if I would slow down and put more concentration in it. 

If you want to DO more with LESS time, RUN and get this book: IT’S 6 A.M & I’M ALREADY BEHIND. 

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones is affectionally known as the Queen of Hearts, a Dallas social worker turned International Motivator. Sheryl is CEO of Rodcor Services LLC , an Author of 2 books, an Inspirational Speaker and she is on a mission to help women go from Concept from CASH.  Contact Sheryl at

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