Take TIME to Talk


In this busy world we have lost the art of talking.  So many people are rushing to NETWORK that we don’t TALK anymore.  Scientist say the American population in particular are losing the art of talking and getting together with others.  

Technology has given us so many great things but it has really taught us to not engage with others.  The next time you go to dinner look around most people are on their telephones and will not look at the people around the table very much.   I am shocked because I don’t see the point in going anywhere if you will not talk when you get there.  Stay home if you are just going to use the phone.  Going out has a purpose–it’s time to engage with others and have fun.

Are you lacking time talking to others???  I know I am, I spend so much time working and making a difference in others lives that I need to schedule time to talk to others just about life and having fun.  The new Sheryl has decided I will take time to talk to others. 

The biggest decision that you must make is: WILL YOU TAKE TIME TO TALK???

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones affectionally known as The Queen of Hearts, is a Social Worker turned International Motivator. Sheryl is on a MISSION to provide LOVE to everyone she meets. Sheryl began the LOVE OF HEART MOVEMENT Radio Show to help identify entrepreneurs, service providers and community volunteers who ALWAYS serves from the Love of their Heart when dealing with others. She truly believes what the World needs NOW is LOVE!!!  Sheryl’s primary focus is on teaching STRESSED OUT women who can’t figure out how to earn money doing what they LOVE, formulate a plan to spotlight their genius. Sheryl takes women from “CONCEPT TO CASH”. Go tohttp://www.sheryljonesqueenofhearts.com to connect with Sheryl

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