Movie Review-Captain America-Civil War


This movie was a treat today.  I was a little unsure if the movie would be interesting to me but boy was I wrong.  It was so exciting.  I found that it had multiple levels of information for our learning.  Here are my top 6 lessons learned from the movie today:

  1. Sometimes you need backup.  Stay open to receiving help from others. You can’t do everything yourself.  Many times we think we don’t need anyone and that is just not the case.  Ask for help when you need it and people will show up for you.
  2. A challenge might cause a conflict.  Many times we spend a lot of time trying to figure something that we might need to leave alone.  Don’t challenge everything you find out about.  Allow the universe to give you gifts and opportunities without a rhyme or reason.
  3. Compromise where you can and where you can’t don’t.  Don’t apologize for your choices, if you make authentic choices from your heart.  Don’t second guess your mind and the development and growth that you have on a specific subject.
  4. Consider all your options.   When considering a decision, look at the information objectively.  Be aware of the all of the information presented to you.  Sometimes we overlook a perfectly good option.
  5. Keep fighting and you will win. Many times in life we give up right before the MAGIC happens.  It is critical that you keep fighting for what you know you want to achieve. 
  6. Sometime you will have a war between friends. I have experienced a person I thought was a friend speaking badly about but I realized that gave that person the title of friend too soon.  Be careful that you take care of your feelings.  Everyone in your life is there for a REASON, SEASON or ETERNITY.  

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones affectionally known as The Queen of Hearts, is a Social Worker turned International Motivator. Sheryl is on a MISSION to provide LOVE to everyone she meets. Sheryl began the LOVE OF HEART MOVEMENT Radio Show to help identify entrepreneurs, service providers and community volunteers who ALWAYS serves from the Love of their Heart when dealing with others. She truly believes what the World needs NOW is LOVE!!!  Sheryl’s primary focus is on teaching STRESSED OUT women who can’t figure out how to earn money doing what they LOVE, formulate a plan to spotlight their genius. Sheryl takes women from “CONCEPT TO CASH”. Go to to connect with Sheryl

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