Turn Around!



I know this might sound a little different for me but I want you to start recognizing real business success.  I have learned so well that business does not have feelings and you are either going forward or backwards.

In December I made up my mind that I would not continue to engage in things or with people who no longer serve me.  I realized that if you are building a business sometimes you must TURN AROUND.  It can’t take years to build a business.  You must see some type of movement forward.  If you don’t see progress, you might not be on the right track.

I will venture to say that I have met hundreds of coaches and I have noticed that some of them really have no knowledge of how to run a successful business.  I want you to see if your coach really runs a successful business or if the business is coaching because it is so important to teach what you know or you will not be in integrity.

One of the best things about MLM-Multi-Level Marketing is the person can’t buy a position.  In order to be successful they must work the business and really learn the business.  You can teach what you have lived.  Be very careful about hiring a coach or getting in a mastermind where the leader is not running a business.  I want to save you so much money and time because the tips and techniques might not work.

From the words of Miss Robbie-“If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense”.  I want you to learn when it is time to: TURN AROUND.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones affectionally known as The Queen of Hearts, is a Social Worker turned International Motivator. Sheryl is on a MISSION to provide LOVE of HEART services to everyone she meets. Sheryl began the LOVE OF HEART MOVEMENT Radio Show to help identify entrepreneurs, service providers and community volunteers who ALWAYS serves from the Love of their Heart when dealing with others. She truly believes what the World needs NOW is LOVE!!!  Sheryl’s primary focus is on sharing her message to to heal the hurting thru her life experiences.  Connect with her to find out more about the movement to live a life well LOVED. Contact her at sheryljones@rodcor.com

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