Monday Book Review-More Than a Pink Cadillac



This book by Jim Underwood helps us see the beauty of running business right.  Mary Kay Cosmetics has been in business 52 years and the company has never had a BAD year.  That fact in business is very rare, but you know what this is a rare company.  I have been an independent consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics for years, and I truly believe they are one of the BEST companies ever!!!  Everyone wins in this company.  It is not hard to succeed with the 9 Keys to Success that they live by: 1. Create & Maintain a Common Bond; 2. Create the Future: Think & Act Strategically; 3. Make Me Feel Important; 4. Motivate Others with Recognition & Celebration; 5. Never Leave Your Values; 6 Innovate or Evaporate; 7. Foster Balance; 8. Have a Higher Purpose; 9. You’ve Got to Be GREAT!!  This principles will change your life when you implement them in your business dealings.  I learned more about the philosophy of the company and I am totally impressed.  I want you to think outside the box and learn why: MORE THAN A PINK CADILLAC.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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