Monday Book Review-The Old Rules of Marketing Are DEAD!


While reading this book, it became very clear to me why so many people are not having success in business.  Many people still have a 1960’s way of thinking about business.  For example: Build it and they will come, Advertise in the yellow pages/paper and making the phone calls.  While some of these ideals might bring 1 or 2 people to a business, it will not bring enough in to maintain a thriving business.  Today’s business world is so connected to word of mouth and relationship marketing.  The key to obtaining and maintaining a successful business is working on your relationships with others.  How do others see you??  How do you present yourself??  If I could highlight any part of the book it would be to Do the Right Things for the Right Reasons!  Tim really drilled home the point that relationships are key.  It more important to have a good relationship than to have a good social media campaign.  I have learned that I would rather have 1 person singing my praises than to have 100 likes on my posts. I initially thought the likes had value and meaning what I have learned is the like are sometimes just people being nice and it might not have any value. Most importantly value your customers, give them an experience far better than your competition.    So in conclusion, I hope you understand: THE OLD RULES OF MARKETING ARE DEAD!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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