Bring Your “A” Game!


I want to encourage you to BRING your “A” Game to everything you do in LIFE.  Many of us do not believe that we are athletes.  I differ with you on that idea, I TRULY believe we are ALL ATHELETES in life!  If you in need of a powerful change in your life, focus on WINNING!  The only way to win is to bring your “A” game to everything you provide via your work, your relationships, your image and any way you show up in life.  I recently completed a meeting dealing with my company and the State of Texas and I realized that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE if you bring your “A” game.  The state has approved so many companies to provide services but many of them lack the commitment to bring clients/customer/friends/family their BEST.  I believe that if you agree to take a contract to provide a service you MUST know the rules.  The rules will help you decide if the contract is a “GOOD IDEAL” for you.  I have made a deeper commitment to BRING IT, especially for the next 90 days.  I want to see what can happen when you work with INTENSE PASSION to help others and yourself.  I will let you know the results to 90 days of PURPOSE & PASSION.  My question to you is Will you: BRING YOUR “A” GAME??? 

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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