Monday Book Review-Anything you WANT!


As you know I LOVE Reading and LEARNING, but this LITTLE BOOK RIGHT HERE is a MUST HAVE for your library!!!!  This book was a hour read for me because it is small but very POWERFUL.  I have ALWAYS believed that I can have ANYTHING that I want, so the title IMMEDIATELY drew me in.  After devouring this book, I realized I started a business because of this EXACT statement, I truly believe the BEST way to have ANYTHING you want is SELF-EMPLOYMENT. I am very clear that I business can offer you so many choices, it can change the trajectory for your life.  However you life can’t make a switch if you don’t answer this question: WHY DO This???  You must know your WHY at all times.  Here are a few of the MAJOR points that I TOTALLY wanted to cheer about: Here’s where you should be striving to go everyday of your life: To ONLY do the things that make you HAPPY.  If you are not good at something and it does not make you happy, don’t do it.  Break your plan do to a day goal of just helping someone.  Care more about your customers than you do yourself.  I want you to do yourself a favor and get this book, so you will know how to get: ANYTHING YOU WANT.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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