Do You Have a DREAM????

martin.luther.kingWhen I think about Dreaming, I immediately think of Martin Luther King and the contribution that he made to the world.  I know many of us have been guilty of giving up on our dreams because we think we might not be able to fulfill them.  When we look back in history at the struggles many people enduring trying to exercise their rights and live their dreams, we really should STOP complaining about the “little struggles” we endure.  Our struggles can’t compare to the previous problems.  If you allow something small stop you, I don’t believe that your dream is strong enough.  I want you to dig down deep and get dreams that EXCITE you.  What can you HAVE a DREAM about??  Do you feel the RAW Passion for a DREAM??  When I think of my dreams I know I can’t give up.  My question to you is: DO YOU HAVE A DREAM???

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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