Monday Book Review-Repeat After Me



This book was an AMAZING read.  The book is designed for you to read it 1 time a day and gain 30 valuable tips.  It was one of the books that I could not put down, so I finished it in one day.  Now I will go back and read 1 chapter per day like he designed it.  The information Coach Mark shares can definitely change you if you DESIRE change.  Most people hear and see GOOD information and do nothing about it.  In this book, Coach Mark gives you Action Steps to help you stay on course with the subject of that chapter.  I love the chapters and how he ties into a story to help you relate and change your life.  Let me give you this one peak into the book, I was blown away with the chapters because if you truly follow the steps outlined there is no way you can’t make a change in your life.  Coach Mark brilliantly separated his chapters into two categories: Thoughts & Actions.  Check out these chapters: Category 1-Thoughts-1.Confidence, 2. Desire, 3. Drive, 4. Faith, 5. Preparation, 6. Goals, 7. Control, 8. Creativity/Imagination, 9. Self Discipline, 10. Integrity, 11.Genius, 12. Sacrifice, 13. Passion, 14. Focus, 15. Commitment; –Category 2-Actions 16.Invest in yourself, 17. Self Education, 18. Mastering Time, 19. Planning, 20. Serving, 21. Practice, 22. Accountability, 23. Habits, 24. /Skills 25. Risk, 26. Leadership, 27. Giving, 28. Mentoring, 29. Speaking, 30. Networking

In addition to these engaging chapters, Coach Mark offers you a affirmation, additional resources and his words of wisdom.  Okay this is a Man who wants you to succeed. It is truly his desire that YOU live the LIFE of your dreams.  It’s not often in life that you get to sit at the feet of someone who has built a successful business and desires to help others. Run and get your copy of: REPEAT AFTER ME!  Check out Coach Mark’s weekly training at

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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