2016-A Year of MIRACLES


When the clock alarmed 2016 at midnight,  I was a changed woman.  I decided in December 2015 that 2016 will be my year of MIRACLES.  Let me define what MIRACLES means to me:

M-Mentor–find physical and virtual mentors to help you on your journey.

I-Insight–get insight on the direction you are going.

R-Results–get focused on the results you desire.

A-Action–get into action to make your dreams a reality.

C-Courage–find the courage to GO FOR IT!!!

L-Love–fall in LOVE with your life and who comes in your life.

E-Excitement–Get excited about what you have going on right NOW.

S-Success–If you truly want SUCCESS-concentrate and follow the steps listed above.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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