Redefine your RESOLUTIONS


As I think about the last 8 days for 2015, I decided NO MORE regular NEW YEAR’S resolutions.  It’s time to change the way we think about RESOLUTIONS.  I made a GREAT definition that I wanted to share with you.  R is for RESULTS–I want you to decide RIGHT NOW what you want to manifest for 2016.  My results are all pre-determined in a walking vision board that I will look at 3 times per day. E is for ENERGY–You must have some energy to get the work done to complete your goals. S is for SPEAK IT-You must get use to speaking your goals and desires in life.  Sometimes you might think that you sound crazy but this is exactly one of the steps that create millionaires.  They tell themselves and others about their dreams and desires.  O is for OWN IT–You must be responsible for your own goals and dreams.   No one can work your dreams for you.  L is for LOVE IT–I want you to fall in LOVE with what you are doing in your life. U is for UNDERSTAND IT–You must Understand every step that is required to win the goal.  T is for TEACH IT–What you hope to have in your life should be an area you can teach to others.  I is for INTENTION–It must be your Intention to win at your dreams and goals.  O is for OPPORTUNITY–you have a opportunity to live the life you desire if you take action NOW. N is for NEVER GIVE UP–success is right around the corner from you, just NEVER GIVE UP.  S is for SUCCESS–Be willing to look at success and determine what it looks like for you.   I want you to REDEFINE YOUR RESOLUTIONS!!!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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