You’re Destined To Do Great Things!



Do you BELIEVE that YOU’RE DESTINED TO DO GREAT THINGS??  It’s time to believe our destiny.  It’s time to operate in our power and do GREAT things.  Now here is the deal, we must believe first before we will ever get into action.  If there is no belief there will be no action. I want you to decide what does GREAT mean to you.  My GREAT might be giving $10,000 per month in good and services to people in need, your GREAT could be giving $10.00 to the homeless every month.  It does not matter what the GREAT is the key is to do it!!!  I am on a mission to identify people who provide services from the LOVE of their HEARTS. I know this is a GREAT thing to do, not because I am doing it but because I know what GREAT looks like!  I want you to look at this message daily and start to know that YOU ARE DESTINED TO DO GREAT THINGS!!!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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