Honoring My Virtual Coaches This Week-Super Coach Micheal Burt


Super Coach Michael Burt, I stumbled across the Grant Cardone website and I found Super Coach Micheal Burt.  When I hear him say everybody needs a coach in life, I knew I need to hear and learn more from him.  I went to his website and listened to everything that he has online, then I ordered his books and the ultimate happened–I INTERVIEWED him on my Radio Show–click here http://tobtr.com/7795063   I was super excited but I also learned I need to get in his presence.  I have decided that I will be a part of his platform of educating and providing information to others in 2016.  Coach Burt is the perfect mix of Coaching and Telling You the TRUTH with the very REAL message of “YOU CAN DO IT ONLY IF YOU WANT TO”.  He is very transparent with his life and business and he will show you the way to get going no matter what your past looks like, we must live in today. His motto is Good Coaches ask the Hard Questions so you can have the CONVERSATIONS to change your life.  I love the books Person of Interest and Zebras and Cheetahs are POWERFUL Books to learn from and implement in your life today.  Check out my AWESOME Super Coach Micheal Burt at http://www.coachburt.com

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