Honoring My Coaches This Week-Kimberly PItts


Today I honor my current coach and the coach I have been with the longest-Kimberly Pitts.  I truly understand what real mentoring is about now.  Kim’s approach to her mastermind is totally inclusive.  I mean she really wants to know if you are ok, because she truly understands that you MUST deal with the whole person in order for things to move ahead and change.  What I have learned most is to be myself and be okay with whatever that is, don’t try to do what others are doing because it will not work for you. True Success looks like Sheryl being the BEST Sheryl and people will desire to connect with me because of who I am.  WOW this totally BLEW me AWAY.  So it is because of Kim Pitts that I completed two books this year, started a radio station, started speaking more and I now a provide workshops and conferences.  I am super excited to work in my gifts because Kim showed me ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  Connect with Kim when you as soon as possible to see how she can help you: http://www.uimpact.net .

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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