Monday Book Review-Soar 2 Success

This book is a powerful action guide to understand and present your LinkedIn page.  The book gives you great tips of what LinkedIn is important, why you should be on LinkedIn, and the authors go into great depth of how LinkedIn should be used as a business strategy. This is a wonderful resource and it should stay close by you as work on your weekly marketing plan.  One of the think that I want you to know, if you truly use these 48+ Tips given in this bite-sized book you will see a great change in your visibility.  After learning this information from Debbie Saviano, my LinkedIn connections tripled within 30 days.   I recommend you get this book and apply the tips today!!!

From the book of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones, Queen of Hearts

7 thoughts on “Monday Book Review-Soar 2 Success

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  1. Sheryl, I am naturally biased 🙂 but so agree about the power of LinkedIn!
    A virtual Rolodex with close to 400 million users it is a great way to be visible 24/7 on a global scale.
    Take just a few minutes a day to utilize LinkedIn and you will see the results!
    Wishing everyone continued Success!


  2. Thanks Sheryl~ I am naturally biased but I see the power of LinkedIn on a daily business.
    With almost 400 million users ~ it is a virtual Rolodex.
    I Encourage everyone to have their Business Card present. If we aren ‘t connected on LinkedIn ~ let’s connect. Here is to everyone’s continued Success!


    1. Debbie,

      This book is so powerful and really gives great insight on why to use LinkedIn. I love it and I especially love the length. I love short posts, articles and books. I believe people are very motivated to read something they can finish quickly. All of my blog post are 144 words or less.

      Thank you so much.
      Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts-The Relationship Developer


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