Lead By Example


As I continue to own and operate my company working with individuals with special needs, I have noticed that leadership is so crucial to the development of a good working team.  I have found that people don’t hear what you say, they see what you do.  When I find myself with a tough decision I question my response to how it will affect the people that follow me.  Many times we don’t realize that people are watching us to see how we will respond and react to various situations.  When we decide to have a heart of integrity and generally love the people we serve, we will rise up and watch our interactions and how our leadership skills are being utilized.  When we agree to lead people, let’s agree to Lead by EXAMPLE.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

4 thoughts on “Lead By Example

    1. WOW this so funny that we think and implement in a similar way. I appreciate your work and I am happy that you are reading and enjoying mine. I specialize in breaking things down to small bite sized parts so that anyone can read it and implement it. Have a super duper day!!!!!

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