Your GIFTS make room for YOU!

Your GIFTS make room for YOU–WOW what a statement of belief and confirmation.  I just became acquainted with this scripture about 2 years ago and more and more people have been saying this to me.  I now understand the TRUE meaning of this scripture.  God has given everyone various gifts-things that you can use to benefit your life.  If we never recognize the gifts that we have been given, we wander around life being unfulfilled.  A great example for me is I LOVE to encourage others.  So naturally when I had a chance to be on a radio interview, I suddenly came ALIVE!!!!  Everyone that hears me on radio, agrees that I was made for Radio.  I realized that many times we don’t tap into the GIFTS that we have been given for our benefit.  I encourage you today to know–YOUR GIFTS MAKE ROOM FOR YOU!!!!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts


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