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Monday Book Review-Million Dollar Women




Oh My Goodness, this book-Million Dollar Women is full of life changing lessons for every business person can learn from in their business journey.  I was particularly interested in this subject of million dollar status because it is such a huge accomplishment for business owners.  

Here are my TOP 6 Points (Out of the many Good Points) that I took from this book:

  1. Fortune follows the BOLD!!  If you don’t learn anything from this book, learn this lesson.  If you want to get to a million dollar status, you have to be BOLD!  When you don’t walk in your boldness you miss a lot of what you are due to achieve.  Just a little more effort can make a dream turn into a reality.
  2. If it was EASY, everyone would do it!  Only the people that are willing to persistent will win.  I have learned over the years that people will only do just enough to get by.  Not many people will go the and then some.  
  3. Powerful & Prepared and not Pretty & Perfect.  This one hits home for me.  I really want my information that I present to be pretty and perfect, but if you want to hit the million dollar status–it’s powerful & prepared that wins!!!
  4. Failure will come-get ready for it.  It’s so important that you know everything you attempt will not be great.  Some ideals are so far out there that you might be a little before your time.  Try several things, do as much as you can afford to do.  I have tried so many different things and many of them have failed, but I would not have it any other way.
  5. Hire coaches to help you these are people that you look up to and really know their strengths.  People separate your speaker coach, from your business coach and your marketing coach.  Every area of  your life can have a coach.  Make sure you hire coaches for spot training.
  6. Women in motion, stay in motion.  The key to success is MOMENTUM!!!  Once you get things started don’t stop.  If you stop it is very hard to get back going.  Find out what you like in business and keep going.  When you continue to go after your dream, you will be surprised on how you can go forward.

If you want to be inspired, go get: MILLION DOLLAR WOMEN!!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones was put here to HELP the HURTING!  If you are one of millions that have experience some type of LOSS, Sheryl is the person to help you.  Sheryl Jones affectionally called the Queen of Hearts is a Dallas Social Worker on the journey to International Motivator.  Sheryl’s passion for others  inspires them to have HOPE.  She teaches women and a few good men how to LIVE the LIFE they LOVE!!  Sheryl has suffered the loss of her special needs son and she used that pain to help others.  Sheryl started a company to help individuals with special needs acquire services and help their parents relax.  Sheryl learned from her sorry a set of unique skills to Re-GAIN HOPE and Find JOY Again. Now her primary focus is speaking on various platforms, hosting a radio show and providing books and products to those who follow her.  Sheryl would LOVE to help YOU.  Contact her at www.sheryljonesqueenofhearts.com.