Monday Book Review-Strugglepreneur


This book has been a great read for anyone starting or managing a business.  Here are the 6 tips that I learned from the book:

  1. Struggle is optional.  Everyone in business do not find themselves struggling. Business is many times thrown together and items are overlooked.  You can have a thriving business if you do your due diligence.   Sometimes business can be the very best thing that has happen to your life.
  2. Know why you are struggling.  If you find yourself struggling in business, there is a reason.  It’s your duty to find out what is wrong so that you can fix it.  Some struggles are rooted in bad information given at the start of the business.  Take time to go back and fix those things that hinder you.
  3. You must plan for great results. If you keep your hand on what is going on monthly, weekly and daily, you can catch things before they become out of hand. If you plan for what you are going to do in the future some mistakes can be avoided.
  4. One of the quick fixes: Get a business address. Don’t use your home address for your business.  There are a variety of ways to get a business address.  Fix out what is the best option for you.
  5. Another quick fix: Get a virtual assisted phone number.  Technology has advance so much that now it is so easy to get a number to make sure your company is professional at all times.
  6. Final quick fix: Register your business with google maps.  This is another tip that helps legitimize your business.  Simple things that you can do to help your business.

Go to Amazon and pick up: STRUGGLEPRENEUR

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones was put here to HELP the HURTING!  If you are one of millions that have experience some type of LOSS, Sheryl is the person to help you.  Sheryl Jones affectionally called the Queen of Hearts is a Dallas Social Worker on the journey to International Motivator.  Sheryl’s passion for others  inspires them to have HOPE.  She teaches women and a few good men how to LIVE the LIFE they LOVE!!  Sheryl has suffered the loss of her special needs son and she used that pain to help others.  Sheryl started a company to help individuals with special needs acquire services and help their parents relax.  Sheryl learned from her sorry a set of unique skills to Re-GAIN HOPE and Find JOY Again. Now her primary focus is speaking on various platforms, hosting a radio show and providing books and products to those who follow her.  Sheryl would LOVE to help YOU.  Contact her at

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