Do YOU wear many hats???


Do You Wear Many Hats???  Have you ever felt like what you are doing is not enough??  You might enjoy what you are doing, but you still have an empty feeling.  I have learned that many people or JUST LIKE ME!!  We live for VARIETY!!!  There is no way I can sit and do one thing FOREVER!!!  If you have the same thoughts, let me tell you know–YOU ARE OKAY!!!  What I realized in order for me to be the BEST SHERYL–I must wear many hats, because I get really bored.  If you can compartmentalize your life and do your BEST when you are at work, and then do your BEST when you are doing your hobby, or do your BEST when you work your home based business, you will find JOY and HAPPINESS everyday, so I encourage you to ask yourself: Do YOU wear many hats????

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts 

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