Keep Moving Forward


Keep moving forward at all times, all steps even small ones add up.  When you stop from the goal and rest and re-evaluate, that causes you to bring thing to a complete HALT. Even when you don’t see any change, keep going.  I am reminded that the bamboo tree is a very good example for us to learn from, you see it looks like nothing happens with the tree for 5 years but within a 6 week period the tree grows every tall.  Do you think the tree grew in the 6 weeks, NO.  The tree was growing and gaining the nutrients and everything it need to BUST onto the scene.  I believe our life is the same way many times people say she was an overnight success but who you don’t know if the back story of where we worked and worked to make her dreams happen.  I ask you today DECIDE to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

From the bottom of a grateful heart.

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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