Implement or Die

If you have not had the pleasure of learning about Eric Thomas-ET the Hip Hop Preacher, you are missing a treat.  Go to you tube RIGHT now and listen to his motivation.  You will be forced to do better and be better.  Today I want to expand on a concept that he shares which explains without implementation in your life you will die.  Because guess what nothing stays in the a state of sameness, even if you think you have no changes, the time and date changes.  So everyone experiences some change in their lives.  In order to have the life that you desire, you must think of implementation as the heartbeat to your life, without a heartbeat you die.  No more staying in the same place, no more playing it safe, no more waiting on someone else.  Do it now, ready or not. Did you hear that????  IMPLEMENT OR DIE!!!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts


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