Friday Movie Review-Fist Fight



This movie was a very good and funny.  Here are the top 6 tips that I learned:

  1. Adults can be bullies too.  We always think of the children that get bullied but we never stop to think that some adult can exhibit the same behavior.
  2. Kids & Adults need structure.  When you get a little bit off track look at your life if you don’t have structured activities you might see your plans crumble.  Take the time to plan out your schedule and duties.
  3. Fight to make a difference.  Sometimes we can fight for a cause.  I think about the first time President Obama won people were fighting to see him win.  It was great to see what a positive fight can do.
  4. Sometimes people will not accept your apology.  You must decide if the relationship is worth going to the next level or not.
  5. Stand up for yourself.  You must believe that you are worth standing up for and make your voice heard.
  6. Your actions have consequences.  Make sure you understand that before you start anything !!!!!

Go and see the movie: Fist Fight.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones was put here to HELP the HURTING!  If you are one of millions that have experience some type of LOSS, Sheryl is the person to help you.  Sheryl Jones affectionately called the Queen of Hearts is a Dallas Social Worker on the journey to International Motivator.  Sheryl’s passion for others  inspires them to have HOPE.  She teaches women and a few good men how to LIVE the LIFE they LOVE!!  Sheryl has suffered the loss of her special needs son and she used that pain to help others.  Sheryl started a company to help individuals with special needs acquire services and help their parents relax.  Sheryl learned from her sorry a set of unique skills to Re-GAIN HOPE and Find JOY Again. Now her primary focus is speaking on various platforms, hosting a radio show and providing books and products to those who follow her.  Sheryl would LOVE to help YOU.  Contact her at

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