Book Review-Pure Deception


This book was AMAZING!  Here are the 6 lessons I gained from the book:

  1. Your dreams can be derailed.  Amanda thought she had it “ALL”.  She had the man of her dreams-an accomplished Oncologist, a handsome son and a house many would long to occupy.  Amanda would not ever imagine that her life would go from “DREAM” to “NIGHTMARE” after years of marriage. In a blink of an eye, Amanda was living a nightmare that she had not prepared for and her future looked bleak.
  2. You never really know if your spouse has a double life.  During Amanda’s reflection times, she started to put the pieces together. Humans live by routine, when it’s broken–Somethings UP!!!  My best marriage advice has always been: Keep your door open.  Translated to mean if you want to GO-GO and if you want to STAY-STAY but communication will be REQUIRED either way.  Everyone has a “DON”T CROSS THIS LINE MARK”, you must KNOW this is you want your relationship to last.
  3. There are 3 type of friends. 1. Those who helped you in difficult times; 2. Those who left you in difficult times; 3. Those who put you in difficult times.  WOW- this statement rings true in just about every situation that you encounter.  The best lesson is some people don’t need to be in your life.  When they show what type of friend they are–learn from that and never expect anything different from them. When you find yourself in a difficult time, pay close attention to how your friends react.  Are they with you offering to help you? Or are they somewhere talking about you?
  4. Some people don’t play fair.  When we find ourselves in challenging times we realize that some people will do anything to win.  Dr. Casey was determined to play dirty.  The best strategy to use when faced with this is EXPECT the UNEXPECTED.  When you are ready for anything to happen, you put yourself in a better place to brace the storm that is coming your way.
  5. When you start lying, it’s hard to find the a way to stop. Dr. Casey had so many issues going on that it was a miracle that he could remember.  It’s during these times of speaking so many lies that people get careless and something is bound to be forgotten.  It is so easy to just TELL THE TRUTH!
  6. Words have POWER! Whether you believe in speaking things into existence or not, many times those things you speak, you see!  When you read the book, you will realize the statement that Amanda spoke several times and results she manifests.

If you want to read a great book, get your copy of : PURE DECEPTION!  Connect with the Author Robin Munro on Facebook @

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

Sheryl Jones was put here to HELP the HURTING!  If you are one of millions that have experience some type of LOSS, Sheryl is the person to help you.  Sheryl Jones affectionally called the Queen of Hearts is a Dallas Social Worker on the journey to International Motivator.  Sheryl’s passion for others  inspires them to have HOPE.  She teaches women and a few good men how to LIVE the LIFE they LOVE!!  Sheryl has suffered the loss of her special needs son and she used that pain to help others.  Sheryl started a company to help individuals with special needs acquire services and help their parents relax.  Sheryl learned from her sorry a set of unique skills to Re-GAIN HOPE and Find JOY Again. Now her primary focus is speaking on various platforms, hosting a radio show and providing books and products to those who follow her.  Sheryl would LOVE to help YOU.  Contact her at

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