Let me HONOR my Pastor & First Lady!!!


I am so honored to be under the leadership of my Pastor and First Lady-Dr. Rodney & Shalonda Dulin at Central Pointe Church of Christ.

The month of April marks my 2nd anniversary of being a member at this AMAZING place of worship. This church has changed my outlook on religion & life to help me truly BELIEVE in God’s power. If you are missing this BELIEF in your life, consider changing your place of worship. If you are in Dallas join us.

Prior to becoming a member here, I really had some unresolved issues about religion in general. I have ALWAYS loved attending worship but I struggled with my personal relationship with God. You see after the death of my special needs son-Adrian, I questioned if God loved me.

Your challenges will allow you to get “BITTER OR BETTER”. I truly believe if you are grounded in a good church family. You can face any challenge with the “RIGHT” attitude and you will be “BETTER”.

My pastor Dr. Rodney Dulin is much younger than me and the old Sheryl would have NEVER been under the leadership of a person younger than me. I realized “Age is JUST a number”, Dr. Dulin is one of the smartest people I know. His sermons are evidence that he studies and he has the gift of teaching application. Guess what??? If you can be the SMARTEST person in the world but if you dont apply what you have learned you are wasting your time. Dr. Dulin has won me over a million times.

Let me take time this day to honor my PASTOR & FIRST LADY-DR. RODNEY & SHALONDA DULIN.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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