When you look at this picture, does it take your breath away, it did take mine??  When Kadena Tate posted this in her facebook group, I immediately told her I would be blogging on this today. 

Who must I BE-This statement really makes me reevalute who I want to be in my core.  How do I look when I compare my dreams to my reality. If you see yourself as a success, how do I define it?  To BE I must operate as a International Motivator who has 3 SUCCESSFUL businesses.

What must I DO?  Most of us know the steps needed to achieve our goals but many times we don’t do the action. If you want anything, please research the steps needed to complete your goals.  For me I have multiple steps that are well laid out, it just requires me to get into action.

So that I can HAVE-I want you to believe without a shadow of a doubt that you can HAVE IT ALL.  I want you to take the lid off of your dreams.  Do you believe the sky is the limit??    I know when you get the BE right with your self esteem and vision of your self, when you DO the work by daily working on your goals,  you will HAVE everything you want.

Just always remember: BE-DO-HAVE

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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