Is your life sailing by??

WOW have you ever felt like your life was sailing by???  Did you wake up and it was 4 months later???  Many times during the hustle and bustle of life we allow time to sail by without enjoying it.  I encourage you to take time to smell the flowers, take time to acknowledge the weather, take time to laugh, take time to talk to friends, take time to go to the movies, take time to travel, take time to enjoy a good book, take to look in the mirror, just take time!!!  What I have realized in the past 12 months is time does not stop for us, time is not on our side.  So if you want to do something, do something don’t allow anything to hold you back.  Don’t allow your life to sail by.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts 


3 thoughts on “Is your life sailing by??

  1. A family member of mine was just diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer and given an expiration date. It has made me realize that the time we have is precious, and we have to enjoy it and make the best of it. Wasting time is wasting life.


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