Be Open To Whatever Comes Next

On the path to success we might have various detours.  The way is not always straight.  What we must commit ourselves to is to Be Open To Whatever Comes Next.  The openness will allow you to reach levels you would have never experienced.  The openness will allow you to experience new things.  With every experience we can Learn or Earn.  If we are lucky we can Learn AND Earn!!!!  What comes next sometimes challenges us, it might make us reevaluate our current situation to make necessary changes.  In the midst of a situation, we might not be looking for a different answer but if we continue to Be Open To Whatever Comes Next we will generally win the race.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts


3 thoughts on “Be Open To Whatever Comes Next

  1. I believe the saying “go with the flow” refers to this. It doesn’t mean to follow other people and “fit in.” It means, if you encounter some new opportunity that you weren’t expecting, explore it.


    1. Yes I totally agree. Some many opportunity await us but sometimes we don’t consider them because we think we know how everything will work out for us without any assistance from others. I have learned to BE OPEN TO WHATEVER COMES NEXT in my own life. Thanks for your comment.

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