It’s been 6 months since I posted a blog. Honestly I have been busy but not focusing on my dreams. I love to blog but I have put everything in front of it. No more giving up!!!! I’m BACK to working on my dreams and sharing my thoughts with the world.

November is my birthday month, so I always have some type revelation as I reflect on my year. This year the message was clear of what I MUST do to have a MASSIVE CHANGE by November 14, 2018. The focus will be on RESULTS!!!! You see I love to speak about what I am going to do but many times I let time slip away without completing the task that I spent so much time talking about. Not anymore, I’ve decided I will not share my 2018 goals, I will only share my RESULTS.

I hope you decide today to work on your dreams.

Sheryl Jones Queen of Hearts

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