As I lounge in California 3 hours too early for my conference, I had to share something. The ideal of YARN came to my mind because now when I go out on the streets of Dallas people come up to me and ask: Aren’t you the Queen of Hearts? I happily answer yes.

You see weather we believe it or not, YOUR ALWAYS REALLY NOTICED. Blogging Monday-Friday has really taught me to be consistent and share from my heart. My latest example showed me that my words do matter to others. I am a source of inspiration to other people.

Guess what, you are being watched as well. It does not matter if you do something good or bad someone is taking notes from you. Take time to let people know that you are a encourager and you are willing to help.

The YARN allows you to knit your future but it can also remind you: YOUR ALWAYS REALLY NOTICED!

From the bottom of a grateful heart,
Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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