Write the Vision

Write the VISION and make it plain!!!  Many times our vision gets CLOUDED.  We might be seeking TOO Many things at one time, we might want to make someone else happy or we might just be confused.  Thank God for gentle reminders that all things are possible with him.  When we get off track, all we have to do is ask for help.  I have realized that HELP is everywhere if we are willing to open our mouth. I appreciate all the people that I follow and learn from and in turn I give to others.  I think we must be willing to provide and accept HELP.  In return, our vision will be cemented in our brain.  It will be a focus that will drive us everyday.  It will help us do the things we know we should do to accomplish our goals.  So PLEASE write the vision down on paper.  Side note, write it down do not type it.

From the bottom of a grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones, Queen of Hearts


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