Be still & know that I AM GOD

Have you ever waited for something a very long time and not receive it??  Well today I am in that space in my life.  I have spent over 1 year praying and wishing for something that is a definite no.  As I look over the last 12 months, I have planned my entire life around that undelivered blessing.  I woke up with this scripture on my heart-Sheryl BE STILL & Know That I AM God–you’re not.  You do not control my decisions.  WOW–I must move on now and know that another plan is divinely created for me.  As I spend the last 2 days of 2014, I will let go of all things that do not benefit me right now.  I wipe the slate clean for 2015!!

From the bottom of my grateful heart,

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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