You Are Good Enough!!

Like many people, I suffer from trying to do everything Perfect.  I have always stated if I want things done right I do it MYSELF.   I wanted people to like me so bad, I really wanted so many friends in the past, I needed the approval of others to feel better about myself.   I found out that Perfection does not make your dreams come sooner.  Many times your dreams are stopped because You DON’T see you GOOD!!! 

You might spend so much time making things good for other people so they will like you, but in reality they might not notice the extras that you did for them.  This year, I made a decision that I am worth it.  I don’t worry about others anymore.  I had to fall in LOVE with Sheryl.  It feels so good to know you can live with out being perfect.  I will always do my best but no longer will I GIVE until it HURTS–because I am GOOD ENOUGH!!!

I challenge you today to KNOW that YOU are GOOD ENOUGH!!!!! 

From The Bottom of a Grateful Heart.

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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