Stop, Drop & Roll

This phrase is popular with small children when explaining safety procedures when a fire is present.  I want you to consider these same words as it pertains to your life.

STOP-Take time for you to relax and meditate.  We are in constant movement most times and it is critical to our development  that we decide we will honor our bodies with rest. I am totally guilty of going non-stop until I feel like I can’t go anymore.  Please take time to STOP.

DROP-Get rid of everything that is causing you to stumble.  This takes being truthful with yourself and doing a REAL evaluation of what is good for you and what is not good for you.  It might mean that some relationships will end, you might have to watch tv less, your social media time may decrease and a number of other things that are not getting you ahead will be eliminated from your schedule.

ROLL-It’s time to ROLL out a NEW PLAN.  I know a ton of people that plan feverishly for the new year.  My CHALLENGE to you is Don’t wait-Start Today!!!  A well written plan is wonderful, but a well IMPLEMENTED Plan is KEY!!!

From the bottom of my grateful heart!

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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