Are YOU Positioned for Success???

We have less than 6 weeks until 2015!  Have you Decided to Position YOURSELF for Success???  It is now time to MAKE a decision that 2015 will be your YEAR.  Have you honestly asked yourself these questions???

1. What do I want/goals?

2. What is my vehicle or vehicles to obtain my goals?

3. Do I have the RIGHT Mindset?

4. Do I have the RIGHT Support?

5. Do I have a healthy body to obtain the success?

6. Will I DO THE Work??

Out of all of these questions the most IMPORTANT one is Will I do the work.  You see, you can have everything in order, but if you never PUSH THE GAS you will not Go ANYWHERE!!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

From the bottom of my grateful heart!!!

Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts

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